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Water Damage Restoration Baldwind Park, CA

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Our fire damage restoration professional Baldwin Park, CA is ready to give you all the facts on fire and smoke damage.

As mentioned before, Fire and smoke damage are two of the worst results of a house fire. The two not only penetrate your walls, ceilings and floor, they also contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to you. For example, when the fire burns plastic and other toxic materials, poisons get caught in the smoke and are carried throughout your home.

The toxins can easily seep into your furniture, walls, and insulation and sometimes settle in the ductwork. When you breathe in air, you might breathe in the toxins making you sick. In addition to these, here are other effects of smoke damage.

Structural Damage

As smoke seeps through your home, it can easily weaken the wood that it seeps into. Over time, the wood tends to become unsafe. When your house has just witnessed fire damage, you should be cautious before you move in. As rule of thumb you should always consult a professional inspector who has the right knowledge on how to determine if the house is safe to live in.


This is the most common danger that comes with smoke damage. Even if the fire is small, it has the ability of generating a large amount of smoke that seeps into almost every part of your home and furniture. Sometimes the smoke can overpower you. The bad odor causes nausea and coughing.

What to Do After Smoke Damage

As mentioned before, you shouldn’t attempt to enter a building if you haven’t been given a go-ahead by the relevant professionals. To eliminate the effects of the damage it’s highly recommended that you clean the surfaces. For ideal results it’s wise that you hire the services of a Fire damage restoration professional Baldwin Park, CA to do the work for you.

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Water Damage Restoration Pro  came in, made their assessment, and helped coordinate all aspects of the project (lead/asbestos testing, lead abatement, plumber, actual drying of affected areas, contractor recommendations). They also worked directly with my insurance company, so I didn’t need to worry about paying him up front.

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