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Home Remodelling After Water Damage

Water damage could be a result of excessive flooding due to hurricane and other forms of disaster. In some instances, flooding could come from overflowing rivers nearby, excessive rain, storm surges, burst pipe, and many more. But regardless of the cause, it is important to address these issues in order to save your properties from further damage.

Unfortunately, the process of remodelling a home right after flooding is not that easy. It takes a lot of time and would require you to spend a good amount of money. But the great news is that you will not have to do the tasks on your own, for there are companies that can help with home remodelling after water damage.

Mold Removal

Not only will the company help you in remodelling your home right after a heavy flood, a good company will also provide mold removal services in order to get rid of all the molds that have developed inside your home, especially in your carpets and in the floor. Mold development is a great threat to your home especially right after a flood. What’s worse is that they grow anywhere inside your home. You can find them in your walls, floors, furniture, and even in the ceiling.

Aside from making your home look gross, these molds actually come with foul smell and might have some toxic spores and fumes that can put your family’s health at risk. You actually do not have to see the molds to feel their effects. So before any of you will get sick, hire a company that can provide you with home remodelling after water damage.

Foundation Repair

Another type of service that the company will provide you is to repair the foundation of your home which might have been damaged by flood. Your mold contaminated walls might have been badly damaged as well and therefore, they need to be repaired in order to restore them back to their original condition.

You should not just ignore this for this can make your house to collapse. During the remodelling process, the contractors might recommend for them to be raised or be reinforced with steel rod in order to prevent it from collapsing in the event that flood waters will get inside your home again.

Ceiling Tiles and Walls

Another thing that you will do when remodelling after water damage is to replace the walls and the ceiling tiles in your home. Make sure to pay close attention to the overall appearance of your wall to see if they have cracked. Make use of a plump bob in order to check the alignment. The walls might have to be braced or be torn down during the remodelling process. This is especially important in the case of tiles and walls that have greatly suffered from flood damage and have accumulated molds.

Repairing the Floor

Repairing the floor is also necessary when remodelling your home. The floor might be fixed with a hammer and nails if the damage is not that big. Installing a new floor might also be necessary especially if it got damaged so badly. Minor breakage can also be refinished and can be laid over with a carpet, or perhaps some vinyl.

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